God’s blessings in life

Many have asked, “Who is Mark Jones and what has he been doing in life?”  Well that’s a good question.

Mark Jones has lived life to its fullest.   Jones has been honored to be in the presence and friends of some of our nation’s congressmen and senators.  His education includes Liberty University, Global University, Odessa Jr College and McClennan College.  In addition to the above degrees earned, he also received an Associate of Applied Science Degree from the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service and served on many boards.

He served on the Dallas/Ft Worth Youth Pastors’ Alliance, Dallas/Ft Worth Ministerial Alliance, Greater Denton County Ministerial Alliance, Lewisville Ministerial Alliance, was a member of the Christian Broadcasters Roundtable in Dallas, Texas, and Who’s Who in Christian Business and Christian Leaders.  He has been a member of the Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Chambers of Commerce in various cities.

He worked in the Dallas area in an accounts receivable office.  The office he worked in was in a county hospital hospital called Flow Hospital in Denton, Texas.

It was this position he was able to turn the hospital around and assist the administrators with getting the hospital out of the red.  This multimillion dollar facility was headed down financially.  He was able to take the indigent health care program and turn it into a viable and profitable department of the hospital.

Jones started a collection agency and consulting business in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  This venture collected and consulted businesses on business practices and methods to become profitable in the near future.

While attending Shiloh Church in Flower Mound, Texas, he was the Youth Pastor.  God blessed and when the church split, Mark and his wife Beth become the Praise and Worship Pastors. During this 10 year period, the Lifeline Radio Program was born for youth to speak about various topics effecting them from sexuality, drugs, problems at home and crime among teens.

Mark began to write prisoners across the nation and soon found he was writing over 300 inmates each month a personal letter.

Misty’s son Shane

It was at Shiloh Church the Lord spoke to him to start a ministry for at-risk youth.  It was through Lifeline Academy of Lewisville, Inc that Mark and Beth became known through out the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.

The academy was featured on Trinity Broadcasting, James Robinson’s TV program, and a new Christian TV network called Daystar with Marcus and Joni Lamb!  Jones appeared several times on those networks as well as in churches speaking on various subjects involving the family, teens, troubled teens and gangs.

Jones become an expert on reading gang graffiti around the Metroplex.  Both public schools and local law enforcement agencies consulted with him to learn to read graffiti.  Public schools called on Jones to teach about Lifeline Academy’s discipline, structure and methodology in dealing with at-risk youth.  The program was one of the most successful programs in the state with a 90% success rate.

It was this ministry’s meager beginning with only $25 which God blessed in great ways. This ministry closed in 2000 and donated over $500,000 of supplies, electronics, and furniture to the states’ non-profits.  These students have gone on to serve our nation in the military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places of conflict.  Many are now successful law abiding citizens of our nation.

In 2001, Jones and his wife purchased a small group of funeral homes with no money down and no contract.  God blessed as the firm grew from a value of around $250,000 to over $800,000 in only three years.  This firm is still a leader in quality of funeral service at very reasonable prices in the State of Texas.

Eventually the stress and dedication to perfection took a toll on his body and he was forced to slow down.

Beth’s mom with Christopher, Coleman and Branden

In 2007, God spoke to Jones about his life and his future in serving God.  Through the years, the Jones’ have been evangelists .  They ministered in song and Word through out the Southern US.  They were featured at the South Plains Fair Lubbock, Texas for several years; the Southern New Mexico State Fair, state fair in Los Cruses, NM; and other fairs and service through out the South.

As God spoke to Jones, He brought him back to the calling on his life from his younger years.  He was 15 when he realized and more importantly understood the theology of salvation.  The Lord saved him and called him to preach.  He preached his first sermon at Cal Farley’s Boys’ Ranch in Amarillo, Texas to around 500 people.  This calling has been without repentance from that time.

Today, the Jones’ speak/preach in various churches around the nation.  Their “Possess the Land!” seminar is a popular seminar teaching those attending church to not only “occupy” but “Possess the Land!”  It is through this teaching attendees learn to take charge of their lives through the power of God, live a life pleasing to Him, and receive His blessings.

Psalms 91 Ministries of Texas and Evangelistic Center, Inc. was established to minister to youth, families, prisoners, and provide a teaching newsletter.  During local events, Psalms 91 Ministries provides local Christian groups in a time of ministry and occasionally, Mark preaches during the events.

Who is Mark Jones?  Well, a person whom God has greatly blessed all his life.  A person who strives to know more about God and commit to a deeper relationship with the Lord to serve Him fully.

Our family with Beth’s mom Lola Eason on her 89th. birthday

Today, Mark Jones lives in Seagraves, Texas with his wife of 30 years, Beth; two girls: Kristee and Misty and her husband Byron.  They also have a son and daughter-in-law Keith and Sarah Jones in San Antonio.  They now have 6 grandsons, 2 adopted grandsons and daughter who have come into their life along with a new adopted (teen-age) granddaughter.

Their love for pets is shown through Nicki (a poodle), Lady (miniature doberman/greyhound mix) and Sadie (Chihuahua) and Little Foot (Pomeranian).  They also have Billy Bob their African Cocketiel, and six rabbits.  (You think they enjoy animals?)

They also substitute teach in the local schools, are active in prison ministry, legislation for funeral service and criminal justice, as well as their local church when they’re home.

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