Beth is doing much better, Thank You

Many have asked how Beth, my wife is doing.  Her shoulder is doing very well.  She is not taking as much pain medicine as the doctor thought she would need.  Of course God works through the prayers of the saints and doctors!

Dr. Jeff Hedrick is an awesome Christian doctor who will tell you he got into medicine to help people.  His staff will tell you his teaching is to get people out of pain by replacing joints and designing new ones.  He is awesome!  (BTW he’s in Lubbock!)

We are working now on our Ad4j Radio Network for updates.  You’ll hear new programs and music next week.

I am also now writing for the “Lubbock Home & Family” magazine and the “Senior Link”.  I am excited to be affiliated with both magazines.   I will be writing about “Blending you family into a Brady family” this month.  Then senior issues for September.

I have preached at several churches this month including my prison work.  Of course it’s not ‘my’ prison work but  the Lord’s.  He keeps me going and keeps my mind refreshed through His Holy Spirit.

We had an awesome service Sunday night.  I was at the Templo Sinai in Brownfield, Texas.  The Holy Spirit showed up and we had a great blessing.  One lady was prophesied over by me and a boy was slain in the Holy Ghost.  I have heard reports that several lives were changed.

That 2 hour service lasted 4 hours.  What a blessing the Lord gave us!

Remember I do come to churches to minister either one service or revival/conference venues.  I would love to come to your church!  I also do not ‘charge’ for what the Lord gives me to preach.  I just bring you Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

Praise the Lord for His blessings and His provision.

Mark A Jones, Evangelist


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