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Today I am working on getting the technology ready for Youth Group.  Tomorrow we are praying for 25 young people to play games, have fun, and of course experience the Lord more deeply.

This youth group will be different from others because I feel so many of our youth groups have become ‘entertainment’ centers instead of a place for worship and seeking a closer and more deep relationship with Christ.

Today’s world makes it so very important to know the Lord.  If we do not have the Lord in our lives and the Holy Ghost, then what will we do when temptation comes our way?

Life is moving quickly toward the end of the world.  We must move to a holy lifestyle to be able to stand when Satan comes against us.  The Muslims are coming to take over our nation and I ask you “Will you face death in the persecution of your Christian faith?

When someone has a knife or gun to your head, will you deny Christ to save your family’s life or even your own?

Teens today need that type of faith and steadfastness.  It is only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that they will be empowered to stand against even death.  We have the entertainment centers, but do we have the ‘power stations’ to lift up our teens?

That is what Psalms 91 Ministries’ Youth Group along with First Assembly of God in Seagraves, Texas wants to accomplish.  Not just another activity for teens, but a life changing experience for them.

If you’re near Seagraves, then encourage your teen to come join us.  It’s better than a pregnancy, drugs, or other problems they can get into without God.

Yes, I am still doing conferences, crusades, and youth services in various venues.  Just because we have a youth group doesn’t mean the Lord has changed His calling on my life.  I can tell you the calling of God on my life is as strong today as it was many years ago when He spoke to my heart.

We are still working on our first Conference in Odessa, Texas in 2013.  I know the Lord has called us there and the Holy Spirit will move in a great and mighty way to bless hearts and change lives!

God bless and I’ll be looking for YOU!

Pastor/Evangelist Mark A Jones


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