Can you read the writing on the wall?

Daniel 5 talks about God‘s hand writing on the wall. I ask you today, has God written on the walls of our hearts to warn us of coming disaster for our nation and our lives? Have we sinned so much, the wrath of God is coming upon us?

Belteshazzar was the king who turned against God. He begin to serve things of this world, seek worldly pleasures. He turned his back on things of God. God’s judgement comes upon him and in 5:30 we see he is slain.

I know as one who is called to evangelize the church body of today,

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there are times I feel there are no meetings and no income. I get to feeling I have missed God somewhere.

I only desire to see what God has for me. I pray God will show me in my own heart what needs to be changed, where the doors for ministry are that I need to walk through.

I constantly pray “Lord, open doors of revival for me. Speak through me and use my body to move your people from the comfort of their pews in the church.

Daniel was used mightily by God. I have seen the Holy Spirit give me Words of Knowledge for those I’ve prayed for. I do not take that lightly, but realize who provides those words. It IS the Holy Spirit and I must give Him all the credit.

Does this happen every time I lay hands on people, no it does not. God may not have a word for them. People and some ministers feel that when God uses you in a gift, then it will operate anytime you are under the anointing. I don’t feel that’s true.

I know by experience, when my hands get warm, the Lord is going to use me to heal someone. Do I announce it? NO, I do not. I wait until the Lord shows me who it is.

Do I make a big deal about how God has used me? Nope. I am not one to brag on myself. I think that’s why I have some problems getting services. I try hard to remain humble.

Daniel, through his servitude and humility, was used mightily by God. Even the Apostle Paul was not a bragger. He gave the Holy Spirit credit for what He accomplished through Paul.

Paul was used mightily by God.

Today, there are too many braggers. Too many who seek to build a kingdom for themselves. I only want to be anointed and used by God to build His kingdom.

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We have our Day of Prayer on Tuesdays, Teens 4 Truth on Tuesday evenings at 7pm; prison ministry on Friday’s at 7pm Mountain Time and I desire more. I want to see souls changed for God.

Why do you preach? Why do you minister? One minister told me if I had an insatiable desire to eat fried chicken and couldn’t do anything else, then I ‘might’ be called to preach.

Well, I can do many things. I am can do all things through Christ Jesus which He brings to me and even some the devil brings to me, BUT, I am not a master of anything.

You never ‘master’ ministry.

Please contact us if you seek ministry for your congregation or

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a conference in your community. We’re ready to serve all size congregations. I’ve preached to hundreds and I’ve preached to as few as 10 or 12. That has been in the last few months! P raise the Lord.

I only seek open doors for ministry!

God bless,

Mark A Jones


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