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I have been busy writing articles for magazines and newspapers. It is such a blessing to get to express my Christian beliefs and opinions in various news outlets.  Plus our own blogs and radio network.

Since the election, I have considered what God would have us do.  Yes, it’s the same answer He’s always given me.  GO and preach My Word to the nation!

I get frustrated when I can’t get scheduled into a church or conference.  This past few months have given me strength and encouragement as I have been scheduled for a conference in New York state for this coming summer.

I will be in the Boston area the last of June and have a time of ministry there also.

My writing has taken a new twist as now the Fort Worth Republican Examiner and Fort

Ft. Worth Longhorn Herd in Parade

Ft. Worth Longhorn Herd in Parade (Photo credit: StevenM_61)

Worth Christian Examiner has also published my articles.  You can go to to locate my articles.

Now we are able to accept credit cards online and through my cell phone for donations.  That will be a blessing as I travel.  I will be taking workbooks and other materials for those wishing to purchase materials from Psalms 91 Ministries of Texas.

Our President now has the next four years to work out our problems.  Honestly, I don’t see it happening. What I see is more persecution and trials for the Christians of our country.

We will all be praying to seek God’s face in this most trying and exciting time.  I know there will be persecution of those who believe on His Name and then the blessed return of our Lord and Savior!  Praise His Name!

God bless and I look forward to meeting you all either in this life or the next!

Mark A Jones, evangelist

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