Is gun control enough?

The Right to Bare Arms debates are on the horizon again. May I

Case O' Guns

Case O’ Guns (Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith)

state, if guns kill people then the bumper sticker I saw in Lubbock is so very true! “If guns kill people and we ban guns, then we will outlaw alcohol?

Does not alcohol and drunk driving kill people? So shall we say ‘cars’ kill people because those drunk drive cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks and kill people with them? Will we become a bicycle/walking/horse riding society again? Oh, wait a minute, people get kills by donkeys and horses kicking them…we can’t have them now can we?

If some churches are brainwashing people and they are drinking cool-aid, does that mean our churches must be closed? Surely those buildings are dangerous.

Reason #2 Not to Have a Flat Roof

(Photo credit: Just Us 3)

And we must not leave out those snow laden roof tops of malls and Wally World’s that collapsed in recent years. I guess we’ll be closing all large “one stop/shop” stores and malls because they are dangerous. And those shootings taking place in the movies in the malls…oh, that ‘s guns not people or the building…well it happened in a building didn’t it?

If we close the ‘big one stop/shopping’ places then the small ‘mom & pop” places will be revived. Since we would have no guns, they wouldn’t get least not by gun point. Then it would be knives so we’d have to rid the nation of those aggressive steak knives. (So much for cutting the turkey this year!)

Finally, drug overdoses kill people. That means no more Valium or

An arrangement of psychoactive drugs

An arrangement of psychoactive drugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prozac? Does this mean no more mental decease which would permit people to kill others?

Again, that only leaves God‘s Word and God Himself to help us with our problems. Maybe we just need to return to our first loves of the Gospel of Jesus. Return to the first love of serving Christ with our whole hearts instead of what’s left over after all the guns, drugs, decease, knives, TV‘s, cars, trucks, and donkeys.

Maybe without God we are all just a bunch of lost ‘donkeys’?

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