Did Mary ride a donkey?

As you read the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke, I can’t help but wonder why Joseph

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didn’t “say” anything. Mary didn’t ride on a donkey. Our society has put so many things into the Gospel.

May I add something? I wonder what Mary was thinking while they were going to Bethlehem? Was she thinking about how uncomfortable she was. Remember she was 9 months pregnant walking or riding on an animal (even though not mentioned in the Word).

She was carrying God‘s Son. She knew this fact but what was she thinking? Is this still the honor and ‘fun’ she thought it would be? Would she have a difficult labor with no medication to calm the pain?

Mary was an awesome young lady. She was hand picked by God to care for His only Son. To raise properly and in a Godly manner the Savior of the world. The one who would ultimately be tortured and yet provide salvation to not only the Jews but the rest of the nations. He knew the millions of people who would live for thousands of years to come.

There Mary laid in a barn, dirty hay around her to comfort her. They wouldn’t let her into the hotel. (The Hyatt was too busy) With animals all around her, think of the mess, dirt, stubble and dust from the hay flying around.

Our Savior was not brought into a physically nor spiritually clean world. Today, our world is even more dirty spiritually.

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Jesus and God the Father, knew the condition of the future world, knew about technology, and astrology. They knew we needed a Savior and Holy Spirit to lead us and give us that boldness even in troubled times. (Acts 2:4Acts 2:4
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.  

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We should not ‘have’ to have special holidays and seasons to remember the awesome work of God. He gave His Son, called a young girl to do one of the most important works ever. Bringing the King of Kings into a darkened world of sin and raising Him right.

Do we raise our children in a Godly manner? Or have we forgotten Jesus in our daily lives. Oh, I know many will say “Well, you’re preaching to the choir!” Well, sometimes the ‘choir’ needs preaching to.

Everyone have a blessed and Merry Christmas and 2013.


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