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Hello everyone,

I pray God is blessing you as He is our family.  We have many doors open to us.  Please pray we walk through the door according to God’s will for His kingdom on this earth.

We have many who are working with us right now.  The prison ministry is being used to move in mighty ways in inmates’ lives.  Last Friday was an awesome service and several came for prayer for family members, to know Christ, and for God to lead them in their Bible studies.

Tonight is another prison and another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move in hearts.  We will be in Brownfield, Texas tonight.  Be in prayer for the Rudd Unit as they seek another Chaplain for the unit.  Interviews will begin in the next couple of weeks.

Ad4j Radio Network has been off for the past 2 weeks due to my eye infections. Now you ask how does an eye infection keep you from talking?  Well it’s the light from the computer and various screens which affect my eyesight.  We should be back on this week for the 2 hour program, but February 17th. if the target date for 24/7 broadcasting.

We are in need of donations.  We need your help to cover the expenses we have in the Possess the Land School of the Bible.  We have requests from around the world for the materials.  We need ink for our printers and of course postage and supplies.  We are also working to get the DVD’s out for those who do not speak English to translate for us.

Literally, millions of people are waiting for our Bible School programming.  This will be done through YouTube, but also DVD’s as Internet is so very expensive in 3rd world countries.  There are no Bible schools overseas in many areas.  We will be able to go into the desert, mountain, and poor regions of the world to preach the Gospel through the technology God has provided to us.

Ad4j Radio Program has programmers ready to go online with us.  Their teaching programs as well as our unique music mix will bless all who tune in to listen.  We promote the programming on many various social networks to gain the listeners.  Currently with only 2 hours about 2-3 times each week, we have around 100,000 listeners weekly!  God is blessing the radio outreach.

I heard from ARB yesterday and Anne told me they are ready to begin our scheduling of our ‘Possess the Land!’ seminars.  We are so excited about this as we will be able to reach personally out to 100+ people weekly with the encouraging uplifting Word of God across America.  If your church would like to have us, please contact me and I’ll be glad to get you on our schedule.

If you are a small congregation, we do not turn you away!  We look for small congregations to minister to.  I personally know of small churches who cannot afford an evangelist, speaker, etc.  They are working hard to just keep the doors open.  We will come for free or for a love offering.  Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you!

We ask only that you will pray for this ministry which God has called us to.  Please consider planting a seed of faith into this fertile ground.  We have various donor plans which place you in all our materials and on the Ad4j Radio Network.  Pastors with a church are able to broadcast their services for as little as $100 each month!

God bless you abundantly!

Mark A Jones, President/Evangelist

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