The day after…what next?

Today is the day after Christmas Day.  All the excitement, hustle and bustle is gone.  The

English: Lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Bu...

English: Lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (the old Hotel Utah) in Salt Lake City, Utah, during Christmas season. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

day is really a day of ‘let down’ and now enjoy or relax with your families.

But what comes next?  The New Year celebrations.  What does that mean to Christians?

It means we have something to look forward to.  The blessed hope of Christ’s return may be next year.  If He doesn’t, there may be persecution, loss of rights,  pain and suffering coming the way of the Church.

Joseph is an excellent example in the Old Testament of hope.  In Genesis we read of jealousy of his brothers.  They were jealous because he was the youngest and most loved by his father.  He was the favored child.

They decided not to live with him amongst them anymore.  He had told them of a dream he’d had which showed them bowing to him.  They sure didn’t like that!  They had to do something!

So they threw him into a well and listened to his cries for help all night long.  Many of us are in a well of sorts.  We are having difficulties in finances, family, friendships and spiritually.

We spend our time crying out for help, but never change.

Joseph eventually was sold into slavery then transported to a foreign land.  Some of us are in that foreign land and don’t know what to do.  Just as with Joseph, we must make the most of it.

English: Joseph made ruler in Egypt

English: Joseph made ruler in Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joseph was put into prison and falsely accused.  BUT, due to his faithfulness to God and keeping his faith that his dream was from God, eventually he would see it come to pass.

You and I must realize God has a bigger plan for us than we can see.  We only see a very tiny part of the picture.  It reminds me of when we would as children stick a pin in a piece of paper and look through it.  We could only see a very small part of the room.

That’s where we’re at in life.  We must have our faith and stand on the promises of God that even though we go through trials in this life, our reward is not here.  Our reward is after we leave this earth and go with Christ.

Paul said ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ’.  That’s the hope we have.  That’s the only hope we have in this life.

God never promised us a smooth life of pleasures as some teach.  Yes, He promised blessings for righteous living.  He promised He’s be with us in troubled times.  We just have to remember to call on Him in those troubled times.

Joseph took seven steps to success and honor in the foreign land.

1.  He had Godly influence;  2 Business fidelity;  3.  Resisted temptation;  4. he had divine; favor;  5.Providential circumstances happened in his life;  6.  He continued to honor God;  7.  He had Divine revelations.

Joseph went from favored son status to slave, into prison, and back to the “Secretary of Agriculture”.  This was all in God’s plan to raise him up to a standard to bring to pass the dream his brothers would bow to him.

As we approach the year 2013, many things may come our way.  We have the opportunity for persecution from our government, loss of rights to worship and share the Gospel, and many other trials.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus and follow Him.

We have to realize it’s all in His plan to bring about the end of this world.  Our job is to take as many with us when we leave here as we can.  We must share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so those around us will not be condemned to an eternal suffering in hell.

This year I have a new drive and fervor to preach the Word.  This year it will all be about


evangelism (Photo credit: Imagens Cristãs)

evangelism, possibly planting a church or helping another church to grow and change to reach the masses.  We must reach out before our time on earth is over.

When you get down, consider the life of Joseph.  Trials are not the end only character builders for what God has for you.

God bless and may you have a Blessed 2013 in Christ Jesus!

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