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Hey folks!

Tonight we talked about ‘Denominations…Do we still need them?’  that’s the question.  This discussion went to speak about the growing trend of churches leaving denominations because of their legalistic and governmental relationships.

I also gave a report on what God is doing in Psalms 91 Ministries, Possess the Land School of the Bible, and ‘Possess the Land!’ conferences for 2012.  We will be in 26 cities around the nation.

If you’d like to schedule us, regardless of the size or denomination of your church, please contact us.   We’d love to come serve you and the Body of Christ in your area.

Next week we will be talking about Praise and Worship and the book of James, Jesus brother.  I think you’ll find this teaching enlightening and interesting.  Please join us at 6pm Central on Monday evening.

In case you miss the program, you can always go to the archive section and still hear the program.

Find the link to the program on this site for Ad4j Radio Network.  We will be going 24/7 in mid-February!  Our programming will include the Christian genre in Jazz, Southern Gospel, Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, Black Gospel, as well as well-known ministries and teachers of all faiths.

Who are they?  Well, you’ll have to listen to Ad4j Radio Network to find out.  We will have a Listener’s Guide on this site in February.

I’ll look for you to call next Monday evening!

God bless,

Mark A Jones

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