Churches the most wasted real estate in America

In America many of our churches, particularly small church sit vacant for many days of the

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month.  When I talk to churches about outreach, programs to help the community etc. they say “We can’t afford the utilities”.

A church with a drug or addiction outreach has an excellent opportunity to reach those who would at other times not step into a church.  What an unapproachable population group in many of our cities and towns.

Parenting classes are another outreach.  Parents (some) are seeking help with unruly children. What they need is a Christ-centered program to teach them and lead them to a God-centered home life.

Children are getting into drugs, gangs, and families splitting up because there is no God or false religions in their homes.

I propose an advertised Bible teaching series for the community.  Maybe something on Prayer; Living a Dedicated Christian Life; what a study on the book of John or Acts or any other book?

And our youth, they have no place to go to after school.  In our little town of about 2,400 there is the Methodist who open their doors to kids on Wednesday afternoons.  They provide snacks, games, and Bible study.  They are the only church in town offering such a time for them.

Ever thought about a class on “Healthy Eating in an Unhealthy World?”  Americans are the most overweight nation in the world, yet the church does not help them with this sin.  (That’s because most of us need that teaching and discipline in our lives also! lol!)

We as dedicated Christians turn our “Temples” into ‘Synagogues’!

Goodbye America

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Temples were places of worship.  Synagogues were cultural centers as well as bible teaching centers.  Our churches today have little outreach, little actual Bible teaching other than Sunday School and after services, so many cannot find a church when they need help.

I was talking to a young man a couple of years ago in jail.  He has traveled the country and when he can’t find a church to help him, he commits a little crime like curfew violation, theft of a small amount of food etc.  The police put him in jail and he has a place to stay, food and a clean bed.

As we were talking he named only 1 denomination which keeps their doors open during the week.  Only one could he rely on for help when he knocked on their doors.  He knew they were open.

Most of us if I named the denomination would not consider them ‘Christians’ but yet, they are helping the down and out, the poor and those in need by being open when they need someone!

We waste our real estate by closing our doors and locking out the needy, hurting, suffering of our nation.  We must realize there is more to church than our 3 or 4 hours of services each week.

We have to become available to the general public if we are going to have an opportunity to reach them.  We’ve established “Ministerial Alliances” to do the work of the local church.  Ministerial Alliance should be for community events and outreaches and support for those in ministry.

Our churches have closed their doors.  We must return to the 1960’s when you never found a church building closed.  You might find a homeless person sleeping in the pews, but who cares?  It’s a time for reflection and opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone who would not feel welcome in our services….and that’s another sermon!

Synagogues or Temples?  Which will your church be?

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