God’s Will for our lives

Through out our time of service to our Lord, there comes times when we must come to crossroads in this life.  Lately, Beth and I have entered into and stood in a crossroad of life to make a difficult decision.

Do we follow Christ, or do we follow what we wish for ourselves?  Is this God opening the door for us, or Satan providing a distraction?

Great Christian leaders through out time have come to crossroads and had to make the same type of decisions.  Which fork do we walk?

George Mueller, AW Torrey, Billy Graham, and many others whose lives and ministries have changed the course of Christianity; have come to crossroads of life to decide which pathway to take.  By following Christ’s will and not their own, each one came to a forked road, difficult and many times not popular decisions have had to be made.

It is through these difficult times, we turn to Christ and the Holy Spirit to lead our thoughts  to permit us to take the right pathway.

Satan wants nothing more than to provide ‘excellent opportunities’ for ministry to those of us whom God is directing.  It is up to us to realize his way and turn from it.  A forked road, can bring about destruction instead of blessings, if only one man takes the wrong turn.

Forks in the road should confirm we are on the right pathway in God’s will for our ministries and lives.  Through the past month or so, Beth and I have stood patiently at the fork in the road.  All the while, the Holy Spirit has drawn us closer to God, turned our heads toward Him, and nudged us ever so gently closer to His will.

Oh, yes, the opportunities presented looked so enticing.  They were wonderful and great in man’s eyes, the ways of the world and many say ‘the way ministry and evangelism is going in today’s world’, but in God’s eyes, they do not present His will for Psalms 91 Ministries.

We have chosen the course.  We have taken the curve.  Now the peace of God has set in and we can continue forward in His love.

When you stand at the fork.  Remember the disciples had ‘forks’ in the road of life.  The Holy Spirit kept them from destruction by not permitting them to go to a city, but led them to another.

In our spiritual walk, we must stay with God and not man.  In man’s eyes, Beth and I have made an awesome mistake, but in God’s eyes, we know with out a doubt, we have followed Him, stood the test, and now must press forward to Possess the Land He has given us.  Not the lands of mankind.

The ways of the world are not God’s way.  God’s Word has always been and always will remain true.  It is our desire to remain true to God and His Will, methodologies, and strive to “walk the walk and talk the talk” of Christ Jesus.

God bless you as and lead you when you must stand at the fork in the road.  May you take the ‘bend’ and stay on the course for your life. Keep in prayer and fasting for His Word to come to you and all will be well with you.

Mark A Jones

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