Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012

Today has been an awesome day.  Started about 4:30 am spending time in prayer for an hour before getting ready for the Smith Unit in Lamesa, Texas.  We had around 100 men there for the 2 hour service.

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I preached on “Do You Now Believe?” using the Roman Road as my text.  Then spent time in John 16.

The Holy Spirit really blessed and we had about 15-20 minutes of prayer time.  There was 7 or 8 of us praying for the men and eventually the officers stopped the service as it was going too long.

We had 5 give their lives to the Lord and many who came for deliverance from sexual sins, perversion of various types, as well as a closer walk with the Lord.

Since I have closed a door of opportunity this week on an excellent opportunity; God has blessed my obedience.  He has blessed Beth and I in so many ways.  He is always ready to bless His children when we turn our lives over to Him and listen for His voice.

Then watched ‘Courageous’ with a young man from Hi School.  He is now on the piano playing ‘Amazing Grace!’  What an awesome time in the Lord spending time with this young man.

Outside is an unusual sight.  Snow is falling and everything is beautiful and white outside.

Praise the Lord for those saved today, re-dedications, and those seeking more of Him through an unquenchable hunger for God.

Please continue to pray for us as we serve Him.

Blessings to all,

Mark Jones

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