The fulfilled Body of Christ

Today as I contemplate what the Lord has for us next.  I am saddened that our pastor has

Pastor Mike Picconatto

Pastor Mike Picconatto (Photo credit: JamesMoberg)

resigned under duress and conflict in the church.

Change is not easy and unfortunately the church I attend is not known as a ‘good’ church.  It has gossiping, back-biting, and bitterness amongst the members.  There are hard feelings and feelings of unforgiveness from years and years of problems in a small West Texas town of only about 2,400.

Pastors are a special breed of people and have an awesome responsibility as they lead the church.  I think the key word is ‘leadership’.

The pastor, a gentle man from Louisiana just ‘doesnt’ get’ West Texas people.  This church had the same pastor for over 20 years and this man has become the sacrificial lamb of pastoral ministry.

Deacons have a place in the body as the pastor, members and others.  The Body of Christ is made up of different parts.

I describe it this way:

Detail of The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christ is the head.  He gives leadership, director vision, and with the Holy Spirit gives to those praying, His will for the church.

Pastor:  The shoulders.  He is the one with the responsibility to carry out and submit to the Body of Christ the vision, will of God and where God is leading him.  He is the “Moses” if you will to lead those he’s called to care for as sheep.  Shepherds have to move the sheep to greener pastures when the weeds come up, wolves come among the flock, and God moves.

Deacons:  They are the servants of the Church body.  They are the ‘arms’ of God.  They are to lift up the pastor, be a confidant for him, and prayer support for him.  Deacons are to work between the pastor and Body to prepare the church for change, direction etc. which the pastor provides.  Deacons are to look after the needs of the physical Body of Christ not rule over the pastor.

The Membership:  Torso, legs.  This is where the heart of the church is.  The vital organs of the church operates and functions. When one organ is sick, then the church is sick.  The Body must have guidance from the Head down to avoid pit-falls.  The Head, shoulders and

Human Body

Human Body (Photo credit: RichDelux)

arms love and protect the Body.  LEGS:  may we consider the legs are those in the Body which feels called to go out to reach the unsaved, unsaved people of our community.  The feet are not for stomping on people, they are to support the upright body to be able to move about the area for evangelism, demonstration of Christ’s love, and GO care for people.

The Body of Christ has all the parts needed to accomplish His work in this world.  If the deacons become the shoulders and rule the pastor, it is out of balance.  If the legs begin to tell the deacons what and how to do things, the body falls down.  If the organs have a sickness of sin, unforgiveness, lack of connection with the Head and shoulders, then “something” gets stuck in the throat and the Word is not spoken.

The Church of America must come into subjection and alignment with God’s Word for it’s various works, parts of operation, and then we will be able to properly move forward as God directs.

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