Pentecostal Power of God

In our lives of this hustle and bustle atmosphere, there is a tendency to forget about the power of the Holy Ghost.  God has sent His Holy Spirit to move in our lives, totally engulf our souls and lives, and provide our spiritual needs.

This past week-end has been a life changing experience.  It has been so long since I sensed the Power of God so very strong on me.  Many of today’s churches are dead.  The devil has stolen the spiritual lives of God’s people.

Many of God’s people, do not even realize how the scales have been gradually placed upon their eyes.  They desire entertainment instead of spiritual fulfillment.  Today we desire power and authority instead of servitude duties for God.  Today, we don’t communion with God in the Spirit, we instead just recite some easy cliche’ worded so-called prayer.

God has convicted my soul.  He has touched me and again made me whole.  In my prayer time yesterday, I felt the Lord convicting me for not fulfilling His will.  He said “you’ve not trusted me and stepped out to do what I’ve called you to do.”  We, Beth and I, must now step out and begin even in a small way, to do what He’s calling us to do.

He has promised to pour out His Spirit on His work.  We will be stepping out to do more for the Kingdom of God.

He has laid it upon my heart to preach a message series titled “The Deterioration of God’s People’s Spiritual Development”.  There is another one coming titled “Satan and his limited evil spirits”.

God has been so good.  Today I was not able to get to church as my mother-in-law is living with us and her emergency button has not been installed.  Therefore we are not able to leave her alone in the house.  Beth went to help with the services.

In our small town, there are so many who are discouraged, have not felt a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in their lives in so long, they have forgotten what it’s like.  They have become discouraged with the power struggles, conflict, and problems of today’s church.  Beth and I are praying about these message series and how God would desire for us to preach them.

I personally feel He is leading us to begin again our Bible studies in our home or other place.  We had a Bible study which had about 30 attending.  The Power of the Holy Spirit was moving.  Then we stepped out to move to Lovington to assist a church there.  It is my opinion we were in God’s will.

I look around and wonder what would happen to our youth, the unsaved, and unchurched in our community if we left again.  Where would they experience God’s power in their lives?

It hurts my heart to wonder, consider, or sit back to experience what Satan will do with them.  Would their souls be in danger?

Please pray with us as we consider what His will is for our future.

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