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Beth and I have really had conviction in our hearts lately.  We feel we must reach our community, but the local church is not in favor of it.

So, we’re praying about having an outdoor service on Main Street.  Our goal is to reach unsaved and Luke-warm people who are pew sitters.

We have been praying about many options we have.  We just pray the Lord will open the doors wide so we may see more than the crack in the wall.

We have been praying about $30,000 to totally rocket this ministry to the heights God is calling us to do!  We heard the other day of an opportunity for a $3,000 donation.  That only leaves us about $27,000 to go!

What about you or anyone, any company, helping us?  We really need to reach those we’re called to reach out to.  The end is so near and Christ will break open the Eastern sky for His people.

We’ve offered signage inside the building, logo printed on printed materials, and so much more.  If only one will step up to help the work of the Lord.

Beth and I are not taking money out of this.  This special amount is only to expand the Teens Lassenministry and work God has given us to do.  We must reach out to all.

Our need is a building (which we’ve located but needs updating), a sign outside (not lit, but out there!), and 2 computers, a projector to put up scripture, show videos, and music words and other multimedia works.

We are all about simple “preaching of the Gospel of Christ” so what we’re praying for is not to be a ‘big name’ or ‘entertainment’ center.  We are all about letting the power of the Holy Spirit move and convict hearts as they experience the power of God.

The time is so near.  God is moving amongst His people and the Holy Spirit is moving around the world.  America is not experiencing as great a move because of sin, unbelief, and a sever lack of commitment of those claiming to be believers.  We must reach all with the Gospel as soon as we can!

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Will you please pray about a donation to Psalms 91 Ministries of Texas and Evangelism Center, Inc.  Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) corporation and your donation would be tax-deductible.  Every little bit helps!

So hurry to take advantage of this time and help us reach America!  We need you and God will bless you abundantly!

God bless and thank you for your help.



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