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PastorMark JonesHello everyone!

Today, I was speaking with a minister who preaches in Pakistan all the time. The catch is, she has never to there!

She is able to minister though YouTube, Godtube, Blogtalkradio.com (Which we do) and also live conferences through Skype!

When she does Skype conferences, a person in the other country, has a projector or TV to broadcast the ministry teachings.

I have Skype and we could talk about doing a live conference for your pastors.  I know

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many countries do not have Bible Schools.  There is a tremendous need for this ministry.  I would be more than honored to minister to your churches.

Technology is one process which God has given that the devil has taken over.  We must use it for the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping

the Saints of God.

No charge, no travel costs, no hotels, only ministry time!  What a price for such a free gift of God!  His Word!

Let me know what you think!

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