Terrorists in Boston

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As I sit here at 8:21pm on Friday night Eastern Time watching Fox News I can’t help but wonder what in the world has happened to a young man who was about 12 years old when he became an American citizen on 9-11.

This is such a tragic time in our world.  Nothing can be said which would comfort those who have lost loved ones including the two who have been accused of this horrible act.

Beth and I, as we sit here, can’t help but wonder about the family of those accused.  (We always take the ‘underdog’ in situations.  Everyone else takes those hurt and yes we feel for them also.)

Can you imagine what the parents of these young men are going through.  Having to live with the idea that in their culture, they have disgraced their families.  The parents are sitting watching on the Internet pictures about their son being surrounded in a foreign country by the police.  Not knowing if they are going to kill him or not.

Can you imagine seeing pictures and hearing how your son may be laying there hurting, bleeding, scared and cold in that boat.  He’s possibly got explosives strapped to his body.  They don’t know if they will have a son later or not.

Yes, I’m taking the side of the ones “accused” by our government.  In today’s time, with the government we have, we do not really know if these boys have really done this unspeakable action or not.  Has the government just found these kids and decided they needed “someone” to blame for this event?


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Yes, even if this 19 year old young man is guilty, has he given his life to Christ?  Will he die not knowing Christ and headed to hell for eternity?  It’s a good thing I’m not near Boston, I’m afraid I’d try to talk with him if he lives to get to jail.

Someone needs to have compassion for people like this.  Yes, they have sinned, our nation has given them money for school, and now apparently they have killed three people.  Now we find they are Muslims in this nation.

No I don’t agree with Muslims.  No I don’t care for the religion, but I can’t help but be concerned about the brain-washing that has gone on to get these young people.  Satan is alive and ready to take all and anyone he can.

The time is so near to our Savior returning for His children.  We must have compassion for these young people.  I just can’t imagine the fear this young boy is going through.

I’m sorry, I just have to pray that God will send someone to him to witness Jesus to him.  I pray he will turn his life to Christ so that he does not have to go to hell.

No one deserves hell for eternity.

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