Jeremiah 17

Tonight on Ad4j Radio Network I taught on turning your cares and concerns to Christ.  All of us need to do this.  With America getting more and more into Muslim and Sharia Law; all Christians must turn to Christ as their hope.

Ad4j Radio Network is working hard to go to 24/7 broadcasting as soon as possible.  We must have 2 more ministries to sign up for a minimum of $100 per month donation.  For this small amount, we will be airing their services or teachings several times each week.

Most churches/ministries only record one service weekly.  It may be 1 hour or 2, that doesn’t matter to us.  We want to help you spread your message through Ad4j Radio Network.

Won’t you join us today so we may go 24/7 as soon as possible to spread the Word of God?

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