Is God changing your focus?

After a meeting yesterday, I find my self re-evaluating what I’m doing for God. I know I


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need to spend more time in study and seeking God’s face.

No I don’t feel that God is redirecting or changing what we’re to do. I do feel I NEED TO BE THE ONE TO CHANGE. More time in God’s Word in study and prayer.

The Holy Spirit will lead us if only we will seek Him. I know in my own life, day to day lives, we should seek to serve Him in totality.

I am saying that for the next period of time, I will be posting here on on

. This will free up more time and eliminate unimportant activities and ‘idol’ worship of the Internet.

The Internet is a vital tool to be used to further the kingdom of God. BUT, any ‘tool’ has the ability to become a vial time consumer and for of idol worship as it continues to take up more of our personal time with God the Father.

Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols

Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We must be very careful that we do not permit Satan to burn up our time with things of this world which God meant for good.

The only assurance we have is the blessed hope of the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the work on Calvary which God’s Son did for you and I.

Now, we owe Him our lives, our souls, and our total time here on this earth.

For nearly 60 years, I have divided my time unfairly between God and things of this world. Now it is a time for me to decide which is more important.

As God opens more doors for us, I must focus more on Him. I must spend more time in His presence to serve Him in totality.

Our Ad4j Radio Network will continue to focus that division of our ministry on news, current events, and teaching of God’s Word. Prayerfully, we will be able to get to a steady and consistent twice per week teaching program one hour in length.

Now, I am stating i am turning my time and focus to Him. I appreciate all your support in this decision. I do hope and pray you will continue to follow us here and on our website.


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Our website will continue to have my posts as well as a place for donations, and gift purchases. We will be providing these services to you to provide your the opportunity to support the work God is doing through Psalms 91 Ministries and Evangelistic Center of Texas, Inc.

Pray for God to open doors for personal ministry and a place to minister to His people in a corporate environment. Beth and I feel led to minister in a church and to God’s people.

God bless and I’ll be looking for your posts and comments on our website and here.

Mark A Jones, Pastor/Evangelist/Teacher.

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