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I have spoken about leadership in the church whether to be ordained or just credentialed.  A church can have lesser experienced leadership when there is a ‘team’ model or approach to church leadership.


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In many churches of today, the ‘old fashioned’ model of dictatorship from the pastor or board is gone.  Today, churches are growing at an unprecedented rate because of teams of leadership working together.

If a church has no vision, then they do not realize what the goals are.  They have no idea of where they are going, why they are meeting together, and when they achieve a goal.

Growth in a church should be measured by the spiritual growth of the members instead of  as I call it “butts in the seats” measurements.  More people does not constitute a ‘healthy’ church.

Teams on the other hand can work together, set goals and achieve them, bring up new ideas, and see an unhealthy church grow into a spiritually mature, evangelistic, community focused church.  It is through the spiritual healthy church that numerical growth comes.

I was speaking with a pastor friend from Salem, Massachusetts this week.  He said they have teams of leadership.  One team works to build the youth, one is the “pastoral” team which deals with pulpit ministry, home groups, and spiritual growth of the body, and so forth.

Each team stays in their area of ministry and all teams answer back to the Senior Pastor.  This church doesn’t run in the thousands, it only has around 150 attendees.  The model for the church has been set, the vision in place, and the mission of the church in order for all to consider, refocus their efforts on, and realize the necessary goals.

Leadership in the church always holds Christ at the Head of the church.  It is through the leadership of the Senior Pastor that no one ‘requires’ to be the ‘top dog’ and get the credit. It is always the team which receives the public praise.  I’m sure individuals are praised for their work as well as correction in private.  That’s guidance and necessary.

When the congregation you’re a part of sees no spiritual and numerical growth, ask yourself and the leadership “What’s our purpose of being here?”  Then you will know why the body is not growing.

May I use this example:  If we never feed our children anything but baby food, will they

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ever like potatoes?  If they never get hamburger will they ever desire steak?

We as Senior Pastors realize the model for today’s church is dramatically changing.  The landscape of the church has changed.  We must though, be sure the Message of the church stays the same even though the delivery may have changed.

The Word of God never changes, but our model of church government must change with the times.  (BTW: team approach is Biblical.  Read how the disciples cared for the churches they established.  They didn’t rule over them, but they did guide them as a team!)

God bless.

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