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As Psalms 91 Ministries and Evangelistic Center of Texas, Inc. has expanded, we find the same problems in the church around the nation.  Yes, America has a church of “Colosse” in it’s midst.

So many of our churches have come to accept humanistic values and traditions in the church.  Paul warned the church when he wrote the Book of Colossians.  Paul was in prison in Rome, but had a report from Epaphras.

Epaphras was a native of Colosse.  He has grown up there, worked there, and even worked with the Apostle Paul.    The he returned to start the church at Colosse in his home.

Yes, Epaphras was mole!  He told Paul what the problems were in the church!  He tattled on the church!

Today, we would probably take him out and ban him from the church.  In Paul’s time, he appreciated the knowledge and was able to help them.

False teachings has come to the church.  In this process they had introduced even ideas and theology from other religions.  The church has become demonically influenced.  They may not have been demon possessed or oppressed, but as today’s term says “they were demonized”.  In other words the demons and devil has become a driving force in the church.

Today we have many ‘demonized’ churches.  They prideful people of wealth and power in leadership, they have those who want control, and of course legalistic/ritualistic traditions.

Psalms 91 Ministries strives to be able to change people’s hearts to realize how far the

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church of today is from the original church of Paul’s time.

As we move forward in the Lord’s work, we need your financial and prayerful support.  God is opening doors and yet, we cannot move forward as there is no funding available.  We keep all our funds on the ‘road’ to bringing salvation, peace and repentance to those who do not realize their spiritual condition.

As you’ve heard and read from me.  We go into prisons, write inmates, visit county jails, and now we’re being led to do Skype conferences to teach those in ministry in other countries about the Word of God.

Most of those overseas only know what they’ve read or been told.  They have gotten saved then returned to their home villages to preach the Gospel and raise up a Body of Christ.

They need our School of the Bible to be brought to them both in person, but we can also do it online.  Our goal is to start on Skype and gradually move into travel.  It will take money, but we know God will provide as we reach out to build His kingdom and not our own.

Please consider donating and helping us reach those lost and luke-warm in both our nation and overseas.  (And don’t forget the prayer support!)  Yes, our budgets still run about $5,000 monthly.  We must raise this and more to reach as many as possible.

God bless and please pray for my wife, family and mother-in-law.  We had a friend suddenly transition from this life to eternity yesterday.  My mother-in-law has not been feeling well.  Pray God will clear her mind.  Beth is having difficulty with sever pain in her joints and total body.  Her arthritis is also really giving her problems.  David and Sharon of Amarillo need a touch from God in their bodies.  Humberto in Texas needs his visa and paperwork to come through for working in the US.  He has been raised in this country nearly all his life but his parents never got his citizenship paperwork.  He’s an awesome Christian young man.

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