May 19,2013: Seasons of Ministry

We talk with ministers all the time on social sites.  Some of the ministers will tell you there Mark Jones, Evangelist/TeacherIS a change in ‘seasons’ for ministry and others say no way.

Beth and I are working to establish the Psalms 91 Ministries and Evangelistic Center of Texas, Inc. as a viable and fruitful ministry.  We know what God has called us to do, but at the time we are in a “stand still and see the glory of God” season.

Trials and challenges have come our way.  Beth is not feeling well and her mom lives with us.  She is 91 and not in good health.  Therefore we would have a difficult time leaving our home and heading to another town.

We have agreed that if the doors open, then I’ll travel and most of the time, Beth will remain here with her mom.  She will travel when she can as we do love ministering together.

Evangelism has always been in my blood.  I have sought the Lord for guidance and direction.  If we pastor a church it will have to be an evangelistic church.  I also feel planting or growing a ‘near closed’ church would be evangelism also.

Beth is praying about starting a prayer team here in Seagraves.  They would meet weekly at least and pray for the needs of our nation, state, city, and those who are known to be in desperate need of prayer.

Group of Christians praying in the cave at Yeo...

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Prayer will change places and circumstances.  She feels she can make a difference in this small town by prayer.  Those interested would be more than welcome to attend to pray.  Not socialize, not to eat, only water available to those coming.  She would create a prayer list along with those attending.

Me? Well, I’m still waiting on doors to open.  I definitely feel led to minister.  I feel the Lord has led me to evangelism as I’ve stated before.  I am praying God will open doors for evangelistic ministry either here in our town or elsewhere.

So today, it’s all about Psalms 91.  Yes, the Scriptures.  Those are the Scriptures I’m studying and seeking God’s will through.

Won’t you pray with us?

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