Life is like a box of chocolates…

Someone once said in a movie “Life is like a box of chocolates”.  We just never know what

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we’ll get until we bite into a piece of it.

I have been so blessed and guarded by the great God we serve so many times in my life.  I have been in places where death could have taken me so very quickly,  moral destruction could have ruined any type of product adulthood, and even had times when there would be no reason to continue to serve God much less attend church!

Our God provides so much protection and care to us which we will never know until years later as we begin to review our life.  Yes, I continually look back to see if I’m really making a difference in people’s lives for the better or worse.

Our God provides so much protection and care to us which we will never know until years later as we begin to review our life.  Yes, I continually look back to see if I’m really making a difference in people’s lives for the better or worse.

I live my life to serve that awesome God I’ve talked about as fully as possible.  Each of us have various talents, ideas, and methodologies to live for Him, but, do we look to Him for the answer and methods to use.

Through my life, I’ve been in crimes from simple little misdemeanors to major felony types.  As with all of us, I share some of my life experiences along the way to encourage others (particularly teens and those in prisons) to keep on the straight and narrow way of God instead of the broad and full way of this worldly life.

Yes, we gain excitement, adventure, and some temporary satisfaction from our earthly adventures and sins.  It is truly, and I sincerely mean this, TRULY, the adventures with God which bring eternal and the most satisfying adventures and experiences in life.

My favorite scriptures are found in Psalms 91, of course.  There are many and may I say too many to list in one post which I have found comfort and peace in.

Let the Guilt Go

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As I read over a bio on of a pastor, I was reminded and impressed that he also may have been in the divorce category of life.  One person commented about him glowingly that he has studied the topic of divorce for many years and even written a book about it.

As I read on, I realized there is no mention of a wife, only children whom are now grown and productive, Christians.

The commentary stated in essence that it is easier in most denominations to be forgiven of murder than of divorce.  I too being divorced, have often stated I wished I had killed my ex as I would be out of prison, living a good life, and in ministry so much sooner and easier.

Why is that?  Does God’s grace not cover divorce as it does other sins?  Is divorce one of the unpardonable sins?  What about child abusers, sex offenders or murderers?  They are forgiven before the “big D”?  Why do we have categories of sins?  To make ourselves seem a better person than others when we did the same things but just didn’t get caught?

I know several denominations will let a minister have an affair, or even many and steal God’s money from the people through the church, serve a couple of years of penitence and then return to the pulpit totally forgiven and restored.

BUT, if the “big D” is back there somewhere, there is reports, witnesses, confessions, meetings, interviews, and committees you have to go through to be “considered accepted” for ministry.  Regardless of the call on your life by God.

The “box of chocolates” of life are interesting.  Some have nuts in them.  They are those of us with bumps and difficulties in our past seeking forgiveness and to be justified by man.  We are the one’s who continually strive to make it in life.  These people work hard but when a trouble, conflict or character test comes their way, it takes all they have to overcome victoriously.   They do come out good, but they seem to have to really work to get things in this life.

The chocolates with cherries are the ones who have lived in “high cotton” as we say in the

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South.  They were born into a family with wealth and stature.  High standards and quality of life has been handed to them.  When trouble hits, daddy buys them out of it and they go on to experience something new.  Eventually handed millions of dollars to live their lives in comfort.

The cream filled chocolates are the people like a brother of mine.  Everything he touches turns to gold, life is smooth, he keeps a positive attitude about any situation and just goes about the day working through those things.  (But, he does not have a relationship with Christ nor wants one.)
Even in Jr. High school he sold shoes door to door and Amway.  His cute smile and curly hair got him so many sales you can’t imagine.  He also saved most of his money and probably has some of that money today in his 50’s.  Not to say he hasn’t had problems in life, but he works through the pain and sorrow and moves to the next adventure life throws at him.

Then there’s the solid chocolates.  You know the ones with the solid milk chocolate centers.  They are firm to the touch, but so delicious?  Those are the people who work all their lives striving to make a living.  They work hard, are so good Christian people whose reward will come as life ends for them.  They are solid in their faith, solid in their lives and morals.  They have not had a great many trials in life, but came through the ones they had and moved on.

Which of the chocolates are you?  We should all realize early that sense of wanting to belong to “something or higher power” in life and know it is Jesus.  He brings us out of things, puts us back into life whole, and guides us to the next step in life.

Again, “life is like a box of chocolates”.  Which one will you be?

Bubba Gump Restaurant

Bubba Gump Restaurant (Photo credit: david.nikonvscanon)

So may I end with another quote from the same movie.  I think it tells exactly what we’re to do for Christ and in this life….”Run, Forest, Run!”

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