Bigotry in the Name of Jesus

Its terrible when you have to unfriend a pastor friend from FaceBook because of the

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bigotry and hate in their speech.  Yes, I’m all for “telling it like it is” but to be hateful about it is totally UN-Christian.  We recently turned down a church partially because we would have to deal with a pastor like that.  Sorry, I just can’t take it any longer.  The venom that spews in the name of Christianity is doing more harm than good in America and the World.

Jesus told us to love our enemies.  Spewing bigotry across the world is not a way to love our enemies.  Yes, tell them straight out they are in danger of eternal damnation and separation from God.

Yes, call evil spirits out from among us and rebuke them.  Deliver people from their power.

Yes, take a stand for good and share the Gospel forcefully.  We can be forceful and like the disciples and call sin/sin without tearing everyone else down.

I am one who preaches the uncompromising Word of God.  Congregations will tell you I will step on toes and not apologize for it.  The Word of God is a convicting force to be reckoned with.

It is powerful, cuts to the inner parts of our souls to convict us of sinful ways.  As ministers we have a responsibility to be loving and caring as well as forceful, but never hateful.

Hate is not acceptable.  Christ come against many and even had righteous anger in the temple.  He offended many both in the temple, the nations, and government, but He did it with love.

Yes, His Words were not always complimentary, but to the point.  We are not Christ!

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