New Seasons of Ministry…

The Jones familyIn serving God, there are various seasons in our lives and service to Him.  Beth and I have been preparing for the new season for our lives.

We bought 3 funeral homes in 2001.  Since that time, our health has gone down and the Lord has spoken to us.  His Word to us in a prophesy was “march forward and do not look to the history behind you.  Only look forward to what I have for you!”

We have done just that.  Many have come against us not understanding a full faith in the Father.  They don’t understand the meaning of turning from a life of material possessions to a life of modest possessions and a new life for Him.

I had a vision in 2007 from the Lord.  I was dying in my bed at home.  I had come from the hospital after 2 1/2 months there.  I had an IV, IV pole and bags of medicine, and they totally expected me to never come out of the house.

I was sent home to die!

Today, I have been totally healed.  In the vision the Lord stood at the foot of my bed.  To make a long story short, He treated me a lot like Peter.  He asked me 3 times if I would serve Him or continue in my current  lifestyles?

I said “Yes, I will serve You.”  Three times I had to say that.

The next morning, Beth asked me what I was dreaming about.  I had torn up the bed, nothing was tucked in and she had been kicked and hit several times during the night.  She stated I even yelled and talked all night.

I didn’t reveal the vision for sometime.  I was still very sick, but He had shown me Psalms 91 to bring up my faith in Him.  I know if I stood on the Word of God and studied it He would heal my body totally.

Ministry in ConnecticutToday, I do have ‘side effects’ from the illness.  It was a fatal situation which I was so sick, there was no way in the flesh I could return to full health.

So, to make another long story short….again….We no longer work in the funeral homes unless our daughter needs us for short stents.  I only go to the funerals and stand to greet people.  No working though.

Now, we are moving toward pastoral ministry.  We felt (and would still walk in that office if the Lord provided) since doors were not opening as needed, God wanted us to move to pastoring.

He has opened several doors and we’re working that direction.  We have turned down a couple of churches, but now fill in at an Assembly of God church.

Ad4j Radio Network will be no more on September 19th.  We will not spend that money to keep the station up.

We are cutting down on social medias.  This blog and our website will be our focus.  We will pastor, blog, get our gift shop up and running, then continue to study God’s Word.

We will have our hands full with what the Lord is leading us to do.  Another area we are moving into is video teaching.  This permits those overseas to download our teachings and play them in Bible Schools around the world!  God is so good!

We will have some of those videos here on

So, I say to you, keep coming back to this site to see videos, blogs, Bible Studies and devotionals.  The gift shop will take some time to get up.

Our prison ministry is still going.  We still provide Bible studies to prisoners, write

Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Pol...

Brecksville, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nearly 300 inmates each month a personal letter (no form letters here!), and of course visit them.

We also have those we are raising up to become men and women of God to serve Him in the work He’s called them to do!

So, in short, (not really…lol!) God is moving in our lives and moving us to a new season.  We are still open for conferences, revivals, and other doors God may open for us to walk through. 

So, we look forward to seeing you here and hearing from you!

God bless!

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