How to help…cheaply!

I know everyone is ‘begging’ for support.  All we are asking is not only for online donations and prayer, but also the following 2 ways to help us help others:


1.  Save your plastic lids.  These can be from your water bottles, soft drinks, any cheese dip


English: Sodas and soft drinks at a Supermarket

Sodas and soft drink lids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


or cake icing plastic lids.  These lids to to help needy children we cannot afford cancer treatments.  For each 100 lids, 1 child will receive 1 treatment.  Help us help these kids with this terrible disease.


2.  We also collect ink cartridges which have run their course.  These cartridges pay for our printing needs through local retailer.  They provide our in for brochures, Bible Studies, and misc. letters to inmates and others.  Please send your used cartridges to us!


Please help us with these needs and let’s work together to help others in a cost effective way!  Psalms 91 Ministries tries to be good stewards of God’s money.  It’s not ours, but His to reach His children.

God bless.



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