As I sit here considering my blessings…

As I sit here considering my blessings from God I am just overcome.

God is so good to us when we serve Him.  I know Jabez in II Chronicles 4:10es 4:10
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unknown in the scriptures, was tremendously blessed by God by just asking.  Many of us forget the asking part…and then stopping to listen to His voice.

God not only blessed him, He also expanded his fast influence on the world.  Who would have guessed that a man who is only mentioned in 2 verses in the Bible would be quoted and put on many walls around our world.  This small prayer, not a long wordy prayer, no eloquence, but a heart felt cry to God, brought a major expansion to his words.

Jabez, was a favored man with his parents.  Not mentioned again, we can see the impact a few simple words in a prayer to God can have.  A prayer that is not rehearsed but focused totally on God.  God’s desires for his life.

As I sit here, I am considering the favor God has brought to us.  Beth and I have prayed for many years for a church to pastor.  We went to try out at two churches.  We found great favor in both, but God had one for us to serve.

Yes, we have our work cut out for us.  There has been trials, tribulation, power struggles in the past.   There has been deception and moral failures in the leadership as well as participation in civic clubs which require a commitment in a secret order to mankind and not God the Father.

We have seen great strides in the past 3 months.  Beth and I have also been praying for another vehicle.  Our 1980’s Lincoln has bit the dust a couple of years ago.  God blessed us with a young man who could work on the car and he bought it from us.

Yesterday, after a couple of years of praying for a car, a donor came forth and provided over $3,000 for us to purchase a car.  This vehicle has been held for us for a year.  The owner said he had put $3,000 into it but it was worth over $6,000.

He has not only kept it, but let us have it for the $3,000 we have!  Praise the Lord!

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next week, we travel to Austin, Texas area to pick it up and visit Beth’s brother and wife.

While there, I will be speaking to about 50 people who are struggling with addictions.  What a privilege to have that opportunity to share God’s Word with them!

God is moving in our lives.  The Psalms 91 Ministries and Evangelistic Center of Texas, Inc. is not only a 501(c)(3) corporation, but tremendously blessed by God.  Faithfulness and a desire to keep God in the forefront is foremost in our lives.

Faithfulness and a desire to serve God, is of utmost in a Christian’s life.  Through God’s Word and a strong prayer life, we can see God’s will and blessings for us.

God’s Word should be the foundation of our lives.  Prayer is the walls.  Prayer should never be a program, but a way of life.  When it becomes a way of life, then we experience and know God’s Will.

God bless you as you serve the Savior.  Please post your prayer requests here so all can be in agreement with you for your needs.


Pastor/Teacher Mark A Jones

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