Big Lake, Texas

Everyone knows Beth and I have been filling in as pastors at First Assembly of God in Big Lake, Texas.

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a small town in west Texas (Reagan County) that has no lake, about 2,900 people with an influx of around 6-10,000 people on any given day.

The oil boom is booming around here!

Beth and I have been offered 2 churches to pastor.  I wanted to go to Amarillo, but God had other ideas.  I wanted to return where I grew up on a Boys’ Ranch.  God has other plans for us.

God is moving and growing this small congregation from the 5 we came here with to about thirty plus attendees.

I was revising my listing of attendees a few minutes ago and was amazed at the number of people who are beginning to call First Assembly of God home.  They are people with a heart for service who need a place.

They are displaced or removed from their home churches to follow work the oilfield is providing.  One lady drives weekly from Lovington, NM to be with us.  Her husband lives in a travel trailer about 20 miles from the church.  She and her kids come faithfully each week to worship.

Children at a Gospel presentation

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God is moving us into additional ministries at the church.  After the first of the year we will be starting our T4T Youth Group soon.  That will be with teen ages ages Junior High and High School students.  These groups will feed into our Young Adults’ classes and activities!

Our Wednesday night service will change to “God’s Roundtable”.  We will have a time of prayer, praise and worship as well as age appropriate and topical Bible classes to attend.  They are informal so people can fellowship and ask questions or make comments about the topics.

Wednesday will also have groups for kids.  Our Children’s Church working will be off for this service so she may participate.  It will also involve additional people in caring for the kids and adults alike.  Teaching will rotate through the qualified adults who desire to teach a class.

Greetings From God

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Like I said, exciting things happen when God is in control.

As with any new pastorate, things have to move slowly not to offend anyone.  Our goal in to grow in spirit and numbers, not offend those foundation members who have been here for years.

God always has a plan.  He will show you when we call upon Him and then listen to what He’s trying to show us.

God is good…..All the time!                     All the time…….God is good!

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