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I am reading a new book titled “From the Library of Charles Spurgeon.  Selection from

Spurgeon near the end of his life.

Spurgeon near the end of his life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writers who influenced his spiritual journey.”  It is a book stuffed with great works from various writers.  Great for devotional times.  The following is an excerpt from that book by Thomas Gouge.

“At your first awakening in the morning, consecrate unto God the freshest of your thoughts by lifting up your heart to Him in praise and thanksgiving for the comfortable rest and refreshment He vouchsafed unto you last night.  For, had not the Lord been the more gracious unto you, you might have slept the sleep of death; yes, you might have awoken with hell-chimes about you rears.  What cause have you, therefore, to bless God for the mercies of the night — and the same for the renewing of His mercies with the day!”

He goes on to we must have serious meditation on the glorious attributes of God Almighty:

1.  Of His infinite purity

2. Of the almighty power of God

3.  Of God’s continual presence about you, and with you

4.  Of the omniscience of God, how he knows all things

When we wake with God on our hearts, the day will become much more desirable as we walk in His pathway for our lives.
God bless,

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Pastor Mark Jones

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