Six things ministries are to do for the kingdom

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In Jeremiah chapter 1 we read the 6 things he was to do.  He was called of God to further the kingdom of God and the people through these 6 activities.  How different is today’s ministry?

In verse 10 we read “see, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.”

As ministers of the Gospel, we too are to ‘root out’, ‘pull down’, ‘destroy’ and to throw down and then build and plant.

Many times when we enter a new season in a new place of ministry, there is a need to rid the weeds in the harvest of the kingdom.  There are those who ‘sneak’ into a Body of Christ who have not been called there or are only there to keep the sheep anxious and stirred up.

Today, the devil is trying anyway he possibly can to divide the sheep and conquer there.  As ministers we must make difficult decisions at times to ask those to leave and ‘root out’ the evil in the fold.

Many times, if only we will get on our knees, prayer will bring about action from God and we don’t have to do anything.  God will move them problems out.

Then the ‘pull down’ of strongholds.  The devil puts strong holds on God’s children.  We must pray and pray to pull down those strongholds of bitterness, unforgiveness, hurt feelings, pain and sufferings, and gossip.

Yes, gossip comes in many forms.  The one I like is the ‘prayer chain’.  It is many times nothing more than a place to find out who’s having what problems.

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Another is “Pastor can I just share with you?  I’m not talking bad about anyone but….”  And we’re off in a gossip session.  Personally, I’ve began to say, well since there is so much problem we need to pray for them.”  After I’ve prayed I ask them to go with me to the home of the person with the problem.  Usually that ends to conversation.

“To throw down” is a difficult one also in that it involves people.  Throwing down the evils and advances of the enemy to rid not only others lives, but our own of temptations, evil thoughts, and destructive conversations.  We must realize the power Christ has given us over these powers of the world.

“To destroy” those same problems is done through prayer also.  Staying in God’s Word, meditating on it day and night, and then praying for God’s help in conquering those devises.

Satan will do all in his power (which isn’t much) to bring us down.  Our job is to speak against those thoughts, feelings and situations which tend to bring us to our knees and weaken the flesh and faith.

Faith in God is utmost in all these circumstances.

Then, we get to build and plant!  Now comes the true victory and celebrations!  When we’ve pulled down strong holds, pulled up the weeds and destroyed those things which hinder us, we begin to build our faith in God. We seek Him.  Seek and digest His Word into our total beings.

Now we get to build our own faith as we celebrate the goodness of God and plant into other people’s lives.  Planting involves more than just preaching and praying.  It is about relationships, guidance, and teaching, mentoring those who are new believers.

New believers cannot be put out amongst the wolves and expect them to fight off all battles

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themselves.  Satan will attack with all his  power to bring down a new believer.  It is the job of the more mature believers to hold them up, lift their arms in prayer, and mentor them.  Show them how to do spiritual battle!

Being a minister or a believer has its joyous moments and its heartbreak.  We must have total faith in God and rely on Him to bring us through to accomplish His work.  It is difficult at times but through prayer, fasting, and God’s Word we can accomplish what ever the task is before us.

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