Church going too far? Satan loses another one!

Hey last night was awesome. I preached on ‘The Cornerstone…who do YOU really say I am?’. The service was so awesome. I was with friends I have not seen since October. It was great to be back with them in services.

I preached from Matt: 16 and 21 about Christ being the Chief Cornerstone in not only our churches, but is He really the ‘Chief Cornerstone’ in your life? Or do you make Christ just another ‘resolution’ instead of a ‘commitment’ to live as He did?

In today’s society, I see churches with tattoo parlors, coffee shops, and night clubs. Would this fall under the same category as ‘money changers’ in the church? Have we come to a place we have to be the same as the world to really reach people? Do we have to look like the world for people to be reached for Christ?

Let me tell you something I feel. That is, if that were true, there would never be a hooker saved. Drug dealers would never know about the deliverance of Jesus Christ. Now let’s talk about prisoners getting saved. There would never be a week like this one where 17 were baptized in a service. The prison does not look like a church, smell like a church, but it sure acts like one!

Those guys don’t care who is around, watching, or criticizing them. They come to church to worship Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. They are not concerned about the music, what they wear (which is either green or blue depending on the unit their in) nor do they care who shows up. They are only in church to see Christ show up.

These people do not need to be entertained!

Now, if we had to have tattoo parlors, metal music, coffee shops, and night clubs to reach the people, then none of them would have been saved this week. That makes 18 including the one last night which has responded to the power of the Word of God and the Anointing bringing them to Christ.

May I say, ‘Our churches are failing because we’ve become Pharisees instead of Disciples of Christ?’ May I also state, we are so concerned about the church ‘liking” us as ministers, to keep our jobs, that we preach what they ‘want’ to hear instead of what they ‘need’ to hear?

Do we scratch their itching ears?

Preach it people. Let the Lord speak through your message instead of sugar coating the message to make them feel good about them selves. Let’s have some conviction and condemnation to bring about repentance back to our churches!

Beth and I have been called to preach the Word of God. Not provide sugar coated, feel good messages to His saints. We are not legalistic, but we are sincere about what we believe and preach.

In all denominations, Christ must become and remain the Cornerstone. It is only with a correctly set cornerstone that we are able to build spiritually and in numbers the Church which Christ will call His true bride!

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