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I have been so blessed to hear from several of the inmates I have ministered to.  This week

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Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Fort Leavenworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has been awesome as we’ve heard great things from the units where they are living.


Living inside the walls of a prison are very difficult for the dedicated Christian.  Many are killed and tormented by the prison gangs for their faith.

I have had the honor of ministering the Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and so many others who have made a notorious name for themselves.

Charles Manson, a very demon possessed man, who serves the devil in all ways imaginable, turned down numerous requests to come visit him.

He did write to us several times all the while attempting to get us to change to his evil faith in Satanic worship.

We have had to honor to meet and witness to notorious murderers in the Dallas, Texas area also.  One man had given away all his rights to movies, books, and other means of making money to a woman who told him she loved him.

When he signed everything over to her, she then capitalized on his pain and the pain he had inflicted on others to gain money.  He never saw a dime of it.

Yes, I do at times feel sorry for those behind bars.  I’ve spoken with those whom others have written off.  Yes, I still pray for Charles Manson the most evil man I have spoken with.

The guys and women I write to are usually seeking a relationship with anyone who will write to them.  The families have turned their backs on them.  No one cares if they ever get out or not.

Two of those guys have had their sentences overturned.  Yes, they have spent years and years behind bars to find they never did the crimes.  One is with his family now and the other who has obtained a Doctorate of Divinity strongly desires to go into ministry work.

His desire is to talk to young people and try to get them to turn from their ways and not put themselves into harms way.  He has seen many a young man walk into prison walls to be carried out, raped, beat and murdered.

Today, I talk about inmates.  I know Ellery and Thomas would appreciate the influence they have had on my life.   They along with Everett have worked in the unit’s chapel services and areas for several years.  Today, they are working to obtain a means of support and the ability to reach out with God’s love to those around them as they are set free.

Yes, inmates have done atrocities by murder, rape, incest, robbery, and many other terrible acts of violence.  They are still humans who need the Lord and many times; desire to change  and make amends for their evil ways.

One man, who has recently been told he was wrongfully convicted has spent all his life from age 13 in jail.  Today he’s in his 40’s and an awesome wood worker.  He has his doctorate degree to become a minister when he gets out.  He’ll probably go into Midland, Texas to serve the Lord.

Several churches have sought him out to work in their youth and jail ministries.  What a testimony Russell has!

Some of you have asked about “what do you talk about when you minister?”  Just what I am told by the Lord.  The Holy Spirit leads each service and many times I say things I never remembered until the Holy Spirit moves on me.  Then I speak something which blesses someone who is in the audience.

Today, we are planning a conference in Big Lake, Texas.  It will be on March 23rd until…..

The Lord will be in control and we’ll have services until He tells us to stop.  Only God

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

knows what He desires to do in this Reagan County of Texas.  It will be at First Assembly of God church there.

So.  If you desire to hear me preach and minister the Word of God like I do for those behind bars, come join us.  We ask even former inmates come and give testimonies, share what God has done in their lives, and help us reach the area.

Blessings and keep watching for more conference information!

Pastor/Evangelist Mark A Jones


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