It’s “new thangs” again!

Last night I was installed as the pastor at First Assembly of God in Big Lake, Texas.  (Don’t

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County

Map of Texas highlighting Reagan County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

get excited..there’s only oil here and no lake!)

The Sectional Presbyter came down and handled the business meeting and voting.  I received 100% of the votes.  Praise the Lord.  Now the time begins for work!

It is amazing how many of our Patriarchal leaders in the Word of God have given us all hope and confidence in being a sinner but yet used by God.  Abraham, Moses, and even Noah were all people used mightily by God and yet they failed Him.

In our era of life, we have experienced many ‘turn downs’ because of past sins.  Why do people get turned out from ministry because of past sins?

Do we not believe in the grace of God to bring us forward and the total regeneration of Jesus’ blood for our Atonement?

Have we forgotten the reason for Jesus’ blood?

Thank you to all who have prayed us through the past 30+ years as we have worked to become pastors and receive credentials with the General Council of the Assemblies of God.  God has truly provided a miracle and answered a long time of yearning and a strong desire in my heart.

Thank You Lord for answered prayers!

PASTOR Mark A Jones

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