Keeping the faith

I was moving some things to Big Lake from my office in Seagraves and came across this awesome little book.  I interviewed the author who is a wonderful lady of faith.

Her name is Layne Case.  She has more than one book but the one we discussed was “Inspirations from My Family and Friends”.

The book is about struggles in everyday living with an emphasis on living for God and trusting His Word.

This time of the year so many students are headed to college for the first time.  This poem is titled “Keep the Faith” and was written to her daughter as she left home for New York and college.

Keep the Faith

It isn’t very easy

for me to let you go.

But I know it has to be this way

to help you learn to grow.

You’ve made me, oh, so proud to be

your mother, even though

I may not seem to understand

the many things you know.

I hope I’ve taught you well enough

To make these times the best

‘Cause even with the best laid plans,

God sometimes plans a test….so

Keep the faith, make sure you pray,

For HE is always near.

And, know that you will always be,

my baby, of, so dear.

Love, Mom

I fully suggest if you’re having difficulties letting go, going though things with your children, or even just every day life struggles that you look up this book on or go to and get this book and others from her collection!

Have a blessed day and remember “KEEP THE FAITH!”

Pastor/Evangelist Mark A Jones


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