Abraham lied, but was called a Prophet?

Yes!  Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife in Genesis chapter 20.  He lied by telling Abimelech King of Gerar she was his sister.  Why?  To save his own life.  He was afraid of what the king and his people would do to him because Sarah was a beautiful woman.

Abraham, the man who was called a ‘friend of God’ lied!  Yet, God was still able to use him

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in great and mighty ways.

In today’s society, too many denominations and churches look to education instead of anointing and character.  During this time in Abraham’s life, God used him in various ways to teach us things.

1.  This passage is the first to say anyone was a ‘prophet’!  When the Word of God says something the first time, it is an important word to study.

2.  Secondly, in this chapter God uses the word ‘healed’ for the first time.  God healed Ambimelech, his wife, and his maidens.

When we study the various scriptures and people in the Bible, it is amazing how many of them had sinned against God, yet He was still able to use them.

Today, many of us are divorced, have sexually sinned, been involved in various other sins and God can still use us.  Yes, even though we have come against God, He is able to permit His Holy Spirit to move through our hands and lives.

Forgiveness is at hand if only we will reach out and ask God for it.  Grace permits us to come to God, but it does not permit us to continue to sin.  We must change our lives, our actions, and move toward a holy life.

May God bless you all for reading, and looking forward to watching our video blogging and audio blogging coming soon.

You Internet Pastor,

Mark A Jones

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