Colonias in Texas

Street Sleeper 2 by David Shankbone

Street Sleeper 2 by David Shankbone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May I start out saying, I in no way support the ‘illegals’ of our nation from any country.  I feel the important word here is ‘illegal’ and all illegal immigration should be controlled.

Now, I will add, we have over 500,000 people living on Texas/Mexico boarders who are well below the poverty level.  They have no public services, no schools for their children, and no food and water.

I am asking those who read my blogs to help us help those in the Texas Colonias.  We must raise money to go there to ONE this summer and add more in the following years.  We want to establish Spirit-filled churches to minister to the needs of those around.  It will take us all to reach out to them.

We feel led to work to meet their needs.  They are there, regardless of where they came from, and living in our country.  It is now a time for Christians to realize the awesome Mission Ground we have in our back yards!

Many of these people are US citizens.  Of course, some are not.  They are at the mercy of

A homeless person's shelter under a fallen Wil...

A homeless person's shelter under a fallen Willow tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the gangs from Mexico.  They kill and rape the men, women, and children who do not join their gangs.  The do the same to them who stand their ground and do not turn over their money, food, and possessions.

One boy was sitting on a train.  3 men got on the train and pulled guns and knives on the people on the train.  When the young boy wouldn’t give up his tennis shoes, they shot him 3 times and killed him.

The suffering is terrible in Southern Texas and New Mexico.  I know there are those with no papers, but we need to help them become legal if they aren’t, and help those with their spiritual and physical needs.

God will bless us all who serve the poor.  His word says over and over we must give to His work and take care of an minister to the poor.

Will you help us and donate to the Colonias!  If you will designate or volunteer to go with us, we’d love to hear from you soon.

The sun is getting hot and they have no water.  Will you be drinking water and the Spirit of God when things get hot in your life?  Let us give them that Eternal Water of Life!

God Bless You for your generosity!

God bless you for at least praying for us.

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