Today in history

Today will forever go down in history for my life.  So did yesterday.

My question is “what did I do with the day which will make a difference in some one’s life?”

I never want it said I wasted my life.  Daily I look at my life and wonder what I could have said, done, or experienced which would make not only my own life more full, but make a difference in someone’s life.

Yes, I am one of those insecure people who feel inadequate.  Egodven though I have been blessed to do and see mighty things (which I won’t brag about here) which others will never do, I still feel like I have let ‘someone’ down.

Yes, I know my place in the Kingdom of God, who I am in Christ Jesus, but insecurity seems to sneak in some days.  As I sit here today, I think back on yesterday.

1.  I had a great live broadcast around 1:30 pm on Ad4j Radio Network which I felt the Holy Spirit really move.

2.  Last night was awesome watching young people receive awards and experience their love and concern that I was having a good time!  Awesome kids!

3.  Last night I slept like a baby with my wife of 30 years.  It was a good peaceful/restful sleep.

4.  This morning, I am reading Hosea; Chapters 9 and 10 and prayerfully considering what the prophet is saying.  Is he trying to warn our nation and society today about our wicked ways?

So why do I feel so insecure and inadequate in my ministry?  Is it that scheduling of seminars and revivals are not as plentiful as I would like to see?  Am I expecting, and in a hurry to get out to do God’s will for my life because I know as a person near 60 years of age, I don’t have long to see God work in both my and others’ lives?

Even though I minister to hundreds personally weekly and who knows how many thousands on radio?  I see God moving in the ministry He has put me in.

Am I the only one who feels the urgency to do more for God?  I know I’m not the only human being to feel the urgency to experience more of the Holy Spirit and of God the Father.

I also know I am not the only person to wonder…”What will this day mean in the history of my life?  Will it be productive or a wasted day?”

When I transition from this life to eternity, I want people to remember and know of my Christian example in this life.  Know that God worked through me.  Not to pin medals on my chest, but to bring a newness of life and closeness in other people’s walk with the Lord.  I want to be one who didn’t waste this day in the history of my life.


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