Are you ready for eternity in Hell or Heaven? Awesome service Monday!

Harrowing of Hell Medium ResThis week at the Hobbs, NM unit, the Holy Spirit moved in a special way.  We didn’t even have time for preaching!  Now that’s a ‘special way’!

We had music going when a man stepped to the platform to sing a song titled “Surrender”.  It is an awesome song about surrendering your all to Christ Jesus.  He began to pray in the Spirit and sang the song again.  I stepped up to the microphone when he stopped.

I felt led to ask all to come forward for special healing and prayer during the mighty Anointing we were experiencing.  Many came, many were healed and delivered from all types of demon influences!  We had then 3 deep waiting for prayer.

Afterwards, the Holy Spirit led me to ask for testimonies.  We had the next 20 minutes of just those who had been touched sharing what God has done for them.

One man got up, with a Mohawk hair cut, pimples all over his face and back, and testified how God has delivered him and set him free from all types of addictions and sins in his life

ghost god (pike and 12th)

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since being in Hobbs.  What a blessing he was.  Then it came out.  Yes, that terrible 4 letter word and he turned red and apologized over and over.  (That’s one of the things he needs delivered from.  His tongue needs to be used for God instead of cursing!)

One young man, about 25, came up to me and asked for prayer.  He has been in prison for a short while but has 2 life sentences for a double murder.  He has been studying and doing Bible courses from a Pentecostal Bible school.  He has been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing to talk with him.  He usually asks for my ministry notes each time before I leave.

As I got ready to leave, the young man who was praying in the Spirit at the platform came up to me.  I told him what an anointing you had tonight.  He reminded me I had  prophesied over him 4 years ago that God was going to anoint him and use him for ministry!  (I do not remember that event.)

God is working great things through this ministry of Psalms 91 Ministries.   This is a blood-bought, God-called, Jesus set free ministry which is used mightily by God in so many ways.  We have been criticized by those who feel you are only called to a single ministry for God.

I am so sorry folks, but I am an example of seeing deliverance, healing, people coming to the Lord and other signs and wonders through the work God has called me to do for Him.  We give God all the glory for what happens.

Today as I was doing the Ad4j Radio Network live broadcast, I preached on Revelation 20.  What an awesome time we will have with God if we know His Son, but what a terrible, horrible event will take place for those whom have not accepted Him.

How many people in our congregations have turned from God to worship money, sex, TV, Internet, and each other?  How many are sitting dead men and women in our very pews we stand before weekly?

Let’s pray for God’s blessing and His deliverance in our lives so we may ‘Possess the Land!’ He has placed us in.

God bless,

Mark A Jones, your Internet pastor/evangelist

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