Memorial Day Thoughts

The year was 1971, Vietnam was going strong.  Many of our young men and women were dying in that vital country: and for what, we may never know.  This war was one which seemed so useless.

Da Nang, Vietnam. A young Marine private waits...

In 1971, I turned 18 and like many other young men, registered for the draft.  I was ready to go to war and do my part.  I always wanted to be in the infantry.  My number was in the upper 300’s and my birth date in late October.  I didn’t have a chance to be called up for duty.


I’ll never forget the Huddleston young man.  He was a good looking young man who had a future in front of him, a wife, and parents who loved him.

He went to war as a pilot I believe.  Unfortunately, his mother died always expecting him to return to her.

I remember the copper bands we all wore with his name and date of being lost.  We all wondered if he’d been found.

The family had a memorial service with out the body, buried a casket, and put  up a tomb stone to remember him by.

But he was not there.  He was never found!

His family found out he had been captured and held in a camp in Vietnam somewhere.  I never knew the details, but my parents did.  Mother told me just the last few months, (she’s 85 now) his mother always believed he’d be found.

She went to her grave never seeing or finding her son again.


Today as we have our Bar-B-Ques, family get togethers, remember those families with the loss of a loved one.  The empty chair with out that son or daughter who has served our country well and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Think of all those men and women fighting for our freedom on this Memorial Day.  Not having the luxury of a holiday, but a day to see the death and heart-ache all around them.  A day to witness the death of a buddy, a friend, or even a family member serving beside them in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other battles around this world of ours.

Our nation IS at war.  We have more coming I fear.  Will those of us here at home, be as

English: From George L. MacGarrigle, The Unite...

English: From George L. MacGarrigle, The United States Army in Vietnam: Combat Operations, Taking the Offensive, October 1966-October 1967. Washington DC: Center of Military History, 1998. Category:Vietnam War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

brave when our homeland is attacked in the coming days, weeks, months or years.  I believe it is coming and it will be more brave men and women who are ready to defend our homeland which will make us victorious!

TODAY: Let’s remember the lost loved ones and those we never knew who have lost their limbs, lives and paid the price for you and I.

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