Homosexuals, modest dress, Presidential elections?

As I sit here the last few days, fresh out of the hospital and considering things, I can’t help but wonder why we keep on hearing about homosexual activities.  I know as a Christian it

English: DIGNITY & RESPECT (2001) is a U.S. Ar...

English: DIGNITY & RESPECT (2001) is a U.S. Army training guide on the homosexual conduct policy. PROBLEMS DEALT WITH: Homosexual conduct, evidence gathering and credible witnesses, admission of guilt, harassment, and additional army resources. This page deals with assessing what is credible information when someone is suspected of homosexuality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is important to know what the world is doing around us, but do we really care enough to keep on hearing about it?

Are our beliefs so strong against the homosexual activities that we will actually do something about it?  Or will we just keep on doing the same ole’ things and hope someday God will intervene on our behalf?

Then I read in the Word about how a woman should dress and how everyone should dress modestly.  I can’t help but question our motives when I go to the local store.

There I see women in long dresses with beautiful hair down to their waist.  They have on no make-up (which would certainly help the view in the store!)  No jewelry and maybe not even a watch!

The man beside her is not as modestly dressed.  He looks very modern.  His hair is long also.  Bright golden covered glasses, sharp creases in his short pants which are above his knees.  His sandals look new and he looks like they are on vacation.

She looks unhappy and might I add, who wouldn’t in a long dress down to their ankles and a dark color in 100 degree weather.  No smile and will not look you in the face.

He is greeting those around him.  Carefully watching the men who come near his ‘possession’ in this life.

Are we as Christians any different in our dress requirements than the Muslims who require the long dresses with the netting to see through?  Do we keep our women looking like the early 1900’s to keep them home?

Or when the Word says dress modestly, does it apply to all who believe on His Name?

Now there’s the Presidential elections in America.  Do we really get the truth about each candidate or do we just get the slanted version of the candidate the media wants us to vote in?

Do we really know these candidates or just “about” them?  Kind of like knowing Christ

Words of Christ - 6/52

Words of Christ - 6/52 (Photo credit: Roger's Wife)

isn’t it?

Do we really know Him?  Or just about Him because we’ve seen Christian TV, which in actuality is not ‘Christian’ at all.  It is just a money making machine someone is getting rich off.

Oh, well, I get tired of all the ‘junk’ we have to wade through daily on Face Book, Twitter and of course there’s Yahoo News on my desktop.

What’s next?



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