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Mark A Jones, President/Pastor/Teacher is a nationally sought after speaker and preacher.  His messages are sprinkled with Texas humor which will keep an audience’s attention. His desire is to deliver a message which will be remembered long after the event is over.

You will find his wit and anointing one which will bless the hearts of all who attend.  He has not only preached across the nation, he has also spoke on ‘Funeral Service: What the Director Does Not Want You to Know!’ and at-risk youth.

Jones has also written a seminar/conference program called ‘Possess the Land!’ which deals with everyday and unusual ‘addictions’ of the mind, will, soul, family which comes between us and our relationship with God.  This is a very interesting and informative program with unbelievable stories.

Jones attended McClennan College working toward a degree in Business Administration.  He later attended Dallas Institute of Funeral Service; Global University and Liberty University to study pastoral studies.

The Jones’ have 3 children: Kristee and her two boys; Misty, her husband Byron and two boys; and Keith and one son and daughter.

While working in the Dallas Texas market as a radio talk show host, Jones was honored to

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be a participant in the Religious Broadcasters’ Roundtable.  He has also been honored by Who’s Who in Christian Organizations in America, a member of the Dallas Youth Pastors Network, Lake Cities Youth Pastors Network, Denton County Youth Pastors Network as well as the Full Gospel Business Mens’ Fellowship in several locations around the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.  He was a sought after speaker at youth and other meetings and conventions.  His Lifeline Academy opened conventions in the Dallas Convention Center in Downtown Dallas.

He has also appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Network with Marcus and Joni Lamb, the James’ Robinson TV broadcast, and many others.

Jones and his wife Beth traveled the Southern United States and sang as ‘The Believers’ through-out the 1980’s.  They have led revivals, praise and worship and seminars through out the South.

They ministered to at-risk youth involved in gangs, drugs, and sexual problems at Lifeline Academy of Lewisville.  The Jones’ were known for their innovative methodology in working with learning disabled children and those with criminal backgrounds.  They also operated a home for boys.

The Jones were honored by the Lewisville City Council for their success with the youth.  They held seminars about working with troubled youth for public schools as well as reading gang graffiti for local law enforcement.

Because of Mr. Jones’ life of crime and addictions in pornography and crime, he is able to captivate all ages with his tales of selling pornography in 3rd. grade as well as how it feels to live in a broken home, participating in crime as a teen and being removed from his home to live 4 years in a home for troubled boys.

His testimony is one most sit in amazement as he shares his stories and tales of how far God has brought him.

Jones has traveled extensively to minister to youth and adults alike.  His down-home Texas style of ministry has endeared him to those who have experienced the ministry God

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has called him and his wife, Beth to do.

The Joneses minister to all denominations.  Their ‘Possess the Land!’ is a non-denominational seminar/conference which all faiths can participate and enjoy.  They goal is to encourage those who have been brought down by Satan, addictions and sin.Consult with me on Maven


Beth L Jones, Vice-President  was born in Amarillo, Texas to Rev. Roy and Lola Eason.  Her father was an ordained pastor over 60 years until he went home to be with the Lord.  Her mother, Lola, is a licensed minister also with the Assemblies of God and lives alone in West Texas near Mark and Beth.

Beth has a younger sister Deloris Cain and her family of Lewisville, Texas and her elder brother John Eason and his family all of Bastrop, Texas.

As a youngster, Beth grew up in church.  She speaks to ‘pk’s’ about the trials and victories of living in a pastor’s home.

Beth is an anointed teacher.  Her insight to the Word of God is intriguing as she ministers to girls, women and in conferences along with her husband Mark.  She is truly able to stand on her own in teaching the Word.  Her prayer life is one of power and intensity.  She knows how to pray until she hears from the Lord.

She didn’t feel the need to go to Bible College because living with her devoted Christian parents, she got a well rounded education right at home.  She has also become a wonderful, loving mother and grandmother.


Kristee Helton; Secretary/Treasurer  was born also in Amarillo, Texas and in the same West Texas Hospital as her mother, Beth.  Her mother picked Kristee’s name from a street sign in Amarillo, Texas.

She went to school at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas and earned her degree in Special Education.   She taught in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas for several years before

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moving closer to her parents in West Texas.

In 2011, she adopted two special boys, Christopher and Gary.  They are now her life.  She currently works at Reagan County Independent School District in special education.  She also keeps the financials for the ministry.

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